None of this would've happened if you had stripper heels. Just sayin'.

Tha’s enough outta you

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R-Ryu... I don't have much time but we found a place with internet access... Things have been a little crazy, but... If you want to come here, I-I'll help you find a way. I miss you so much... I want you here. And I'll make sure you won't get hurt, I-I promise! That's why I did this, to try to make sure you won't get hurt, b-but... I'm not sure how it can be the right thing if we're not together. I-If you want, I would really like you here... I love you. - Izumi

Wait… H-how’s yer goin’ t’ ‘murica gon’ save me?? Why yer there exactly then?! Yer still got internet?! Yer gotta talk t’ me properly!

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You will believe in me, and I can never be ignored…

(#1 Crush, Garbage)

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so are you single now or ;)

I ain’ in th’ mood f’ this right now, th’ girl I’m fuckin’ in love with jus’ left me

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Sweetie, I'm sorry... I have to leave. There's something I have to do. Don't worry, I'm with Keita and we will be alright. And... Don't think about me anymore, a-alright? You have to forget me. Find someone else to love and to make you happy... I-I really want you to. To be happy... As happy as you made me. Thank you so much for the time we had... For letting me love you. And I do, I love you so much.I will miss you every day. No one else will ever have my heart; it belongs to you. - Your Izumi
… Wh-what…?

Wh-why…? What yer tryin’a do…? Yer can’ do this t’ me again…! P-please…!

Was it cuz’a what ‘appened las’ year?! I can make up f’ that again, I swear! I’ll do anythin’, p-please!

Please don’…

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dude sorry me n your gf had to run off and ill miss our awesome nights n shit 'n i guess ill miss ya as well 'n it would mean like a lot to me if ya took care of my cacti friends heh... theyll be alone n stuff no... so it was cool bein your friend!! bye man!! take care - keikei


WHERE TH’ FUCK ARE YER?! WHAT TH’ FUCK’S GOIN’ ON?!! I’m gon’ fuckin’ go call Izumi an’ find out what th’ fuck’s goin’ on

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I missed you the most too, blondie ;)

Whoa, whoa there! Y’all wan’a piece’a me, yer gon’ ‘ave t’ get’cha cute asses off’a anon an’ gimmie some real lovin’! >; D

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Do you own a pair of stripper heels?

Huh?? Nah, but th’ faggot pro’ly does, s’ ask ‘im.

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