But you at least admit you're doing fuckin' dumb things all the time. Haha! You're not an easy case are you?
Yeah, it never hits me that what I’m doin’ is piss stupid ‘ntil like, a month after I already done it…

Haha, nuh-uh. My friends got convinced that I’m sane now, but I’m real crazy, jus’ not th’ killin’ kinda crazy

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Yeah, I asked him about why on Earth he killed you three times. But dude, 2 of 3 is your fault, at first: Why you fought someone once killed you, I would never. Second: You asked 'him' to kill you? .. HIM? Are you nuts? You can't be angry still if you gave him opportunities. And I am not laughing on your death. I believe it must be shit.

Yer don’ think I know that?! It’s a real fuckin’ long story ‘bout me askin’ ‘im t’ kill me, but I wan’ed t’ get revenge on ‘im in a fight, then him an’ my girlfriend got a deal sorted out an’ shit got real fuckin’ complicated, s’ yeah, we both fuckin’ died cuz’a him!

I’m pissed off cuz ‘e killed me an’ th’ girl I love, an’ I’m pissed off cuz ‘e opened me up an’ poked at my innards! 

Well, I know fine well I get mysel’ int’ huge shit cuz I do dumb fuckin’ shit all’a time…

How are you feeling?

Pretty fuckin’ tired, like always, but I’ll live.

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… need to hit my head..

hit the bong instead

I’m on it

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we’re taking what we need
party till we bleed
begging on our knees
panic in the streets

tonight, tonight we’re alive!

Supposed to be...a vampire. Yeah... Three times? Khm..What made him kill you three times? Mmmmhaha!


Don’ laugh at me dyin’! It fuckin’ hurt, yer damn wank stain!

He killed me in th’ program, then he fuckin’ stabbed me when we was fightin’ an’ ‘e cut me open with a chainsaw katana thingamajig ‘cuz I asked ‘im to…

you're a woman

Yer a baby girl

Who is the "sick fuck"? Six? Well, that's really nice you are worried about me but I'm kind of different. Born to kill.. but you're right. A Program is really not what I need or really want. And no one got what they expected there. Didn't mean to make you remember of shit happened with you.

Yeah, him. That asshole killed me three fuckin’ times, an’ killed most’a my friends in sick ways ‘n all. ‘E’s sick as fuckin’ shit. 

Oh yeah, right, ‘cuz yer supposed t’ be a vampire, right?? I’d say yer full’a shit, if I didn’ meet fuckin’ ANIME characters, s’ whatevs. Wha’s that even like then?

An’ fuckin’ good. Like, those kids’re gonna die there ‘nyways, but yeah, there’s so much other shit that can happen there. An’ it’s fine. Don’ really f’get that shit ‘nyways…


I try to block the hole in my heart but the wind keeps coming in.

I thought yer was a fuckin’ weirdo ‘ntil I saw yer tags, hyaha