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They say: man are ya sure ya should play minecraft 72 hours straight?!?!?

They say: dude do ya really need 3 pizzas just for yourself?!?!?!

They say: eeeh ya brought your cactus into the shower with ya?!?!

etc etc etc heh heh

They say: Should I reblog this bullshit?

They say: Should we watch Hostel again??
I say: No.

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The clueless look on the executioner’s face made it obvious he didn’t know what ‘program’ his little chickie meant - and he seemed about to ask before the other blond continued. Gunji’s features lit up in amusement then… and only continued to fill with delight as his companion went on. “I DUNNO WHAT YER TALKIN’ ABOUT BUT IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!” The man exclaimed, the part about his little chickie being involved seeming to fly over his head, or otherwise be accepted as just as ‘awesome’.

Gunji’s expression didn’t wane at all even when the boy mentioned a friend who had been killed. “Blown off!? Did it look cool!? Did his brains go everywhere!? Man, if I had known about that program thing when I was a little baby kitty… Damn that would’a been funnn,” the executioner said dreamily, still grinning just thinking about it.

"That story was a lot less kinky than I thought it’d be, little chickie. Kekekeke."

The more the tattoo-clad man rambled on, the youth boiled up with rage. How dare this man belittle his friends. Regardless of his original plan of acting calm around this man, Ryuhei couldn’t keep himself calm after hearing the older man talk about his dear friend in such a cruel way. Without a second thought, Ryuhei thrust his fist into the other’s face, not a care of how the other may react. He never could control his temper.

"It was not fuckin’ cool! All’a my fuckin’ friends died on that mother fuckin’ island! My fuckin’ bes’ friend’s head ain’ fuckin’ "awesome!" ‘E’s my favourite fuckin’ faggot, yer sick fuckin’ fuck! Fuckin’ Boss fucked us over an’ ‘e killed our whole gang an’ bet on us with a damn fuckin’ coin toss, after years’a us bein’ bes’ friends, an’ yer think tha’s "fun"?!" The enraged youth pushed his new companion, trying to get him to fall to the hard ground, and wrapped his lean hands around the other man’s thick neck, attempting to squeeze as hard as he could.

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365 Days of Music Challenge

Day 15: Coheed and Cambria - “Dark Side of Me”

I gave my everything

For all the wrong things

In this cold reality I made

This selfish war machine

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"Huhh…" Gunji had little concept of what time it was but figured there was nothing on Arbitro’s schedule that would make their adventure any more risky than it already was. It was only random going-ons that might get in their way. But those were typically few and far between. "Let’s get goin’!" The blond cried enthusiastically, thrusting his claw in the air with excitement. 

He flashed an intrigued smile at the boy then. “An’ if you got some kind o’ collar story, that sounds fun. You better tell me about it on the way, little chickie! I wanna hear.” Gunji turned to start walking, swinging his arms - and in turn his claws - as he walked with childlike excitement.

The tattoo-clad man didn’t seem to know how to answer Ryuhei’s question, making him feel more uneasy. He wasn’t sure how he should deal with the very possible chance of him dying sometime that day. “U-uh. Yeah, sure.”

Hearing the strange man wanting to know of his experience forced a cold chill to rush through Ryuhei’s spine. He wasn’t too fond of letting strangers know much about himself, however, this person he was now stuck with didn’t seem normal enough to judge him for his past experiences, and that Ryuhei planned on escaping him later on anyway. “Oh, yeah.” The youth sprinted to the elder’s side, thinking it would be better to stick to his side, should they be attacked, than to trail behind and be out of his range. Ryuhei kept his guard up, whilst sliding his left hand into his trouser pocket, to seem nonchalant. “Uuuh… Yer know that thing called, “th’ program”? Yer know, where they grab junior high classes from schools an’ make ‘em kill each other ‘til only one’s left? I was in that, I guess… They kinda don’ tell yer that they slap collars on yer an’ blow ‘em up if yer try t’ escape…” As far as Ryuhei was concerned, this was common knowledge, as he was taught all about the issued program all throughout his life, and watched some updates from several classes on the news, so he assumed the older blond was also knowledgable of the scenario. The blond ran a hand across the bade of his neck. “One’a my bes’ friends ‘ad ‘is head blown off…”

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The executioner’s face twisted into a strange grin that was as much amused as apologetic. “Awww, don’ be mad, little chickie..!” He offered mock-soothingly. “I’d rather see you without any clothes at all than in a suit or whatever. ‘Bitro’s more into the leather and collars, kekekeke… You’d look fine in that too, I think. He has a type though. I dunno if yer girly enough for it… An’ he don’ like noisy, but I do!” Seemingly forgetting his ‘hands off’ rule, Gunji roughly patted the boy atop the head with his hand - better than remembering the ‘hands off’ rule and patting with his claws, at least.

Gunji smiled, pleased that the other blond seemed to be warming up to his title. But his smile waned slightly. “Ehh..?” He gave a tilt of his head just before reaching suddenly forward, grabbing onto the boy’s jaw with his hand; he managed to do so without slicing anything along the way, but any struggling, and at such a close range it would be too easy for his claws to scrape something. Gunji leaned close again, this time without giving the other blond any option to lean away in response. “Mine, huhh..?”

The bright eyes behind the curtain of yellow hair gazed closely over the boy’s face for a long moment. But finally, Gunji withdrew his hand and claw without so much as a nick of the long, metal blades. “… Feh. Sure, I’ll protect ya.”  He dropped the nunchaku for the boy to catch or pick up. Gunji’s word was far from a guarantee to say the least. His mind could change in an instant, and if Arbitro or ‘the old man’ showed up it would be trouble. Mostly in the case of the latter. But Gunji wasn’t going to voice any uncertainty, of course, as he was excited to smuggle his ‘little chickie’ into the castle. It sounded fun and was something to do out of the usual.

His face glowing a bright shade of crimson, the blond waved his hands towards the large man, taking back his sudden comment. “W-wait, I ain’ interested in that! I tol’ yer that I’m already taken! ‘Sides-” He slowly raised his lean hand up to his throat, brushing his hand across his soft flesh. His expression became grim, reminiscing of a past memory he’d rather forget. “I’d rather die than get put in a collar again, ‘nyways…”

Without any time to move away, the other bent over to Ryuhei’s level, causing a cold chill to rush through his spine. The hand that was resting above his head made him all the more anxious. “Well, yeah? Yer ain’ gave me much’ve an option there, yer know.” Slowly crouching down, making sure not to break eye contact, Ryuhei picked up his fallen nunchaku, and slipped them back into the back of his trouser waistline. He made sure to keep them unfolded, in case he needed them for a quick defence.

The younger blond kept a stern eye on the other, not believing his his word at all, all the while not having much of a choice but to believe he’ll keep it. After all, he was stuck with him now. “Yer better protect me. There a better time t’ go there, or should we jus’ go now?” He scratched his chin, backhandedly, watching the other.

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Gunji gave an exaggerated roll of his eyes that involved a rolling motion of his whole head. “I already said, I don’ wanna share you. I’m not s’pposed to be takin’ random kitties into the castle without askin’ ‘Bitro,” he explained, striding toward the boy’s discarded nunchaku. “Not supposed to use the kitchen without askin’ either. Heheh.” He muttered with a chuckle under his breath before continuing. “An’ if I ask ‘Bitro, he might wanna keep you.” Gunji turned rather suddenly, stopping to stare over the other blond for a moment. “Well, maybe. He’s kinda picky.”

Bending over, the executioner lowered his hand flat to reach the nunchaku without his claws getting in the way, then lifting the weapon just as carefully. He raised the aluminum bars to eye level to peer at them before gazing to the other blond again. “Ahh..? Well, I’m hungry, an’ I figure yer hungry ‘cause yer a growin’ little baby kitty!” The man grinned at his ‘little chickie’ like one might smile at a kitten. Approaching the boy once more, he dangled the nunchaku high out of reach. “Are you gonna be a good little chickie?” Gunji dangled the nunchaku so their hollow metal clanked together for a few seconds, awaiting the boy’s answer.

Ryuhei scoffed from the back of his throat, as the other gave his explanation. It might be better to not question anything this man said. As the other blond stared at him and commented, Ryuhei felt slightly offended by the implication. “Wha’s that supposed t’ mean?! Yer don’ think I’m sexy?! Trus’ me, when I’m in my ol’ work suit an’ I wear my smaller pants, then I’m a total slamin’ hottie!” Realising what he was saying, the blond closed his mouth tightly, and nervously turned away from the other. It wasn’t the time or place to talk about how attractive he thought he was, much less the right person.

The way the strange man was handling Ryuhei’s nunchaku gave him a small sliver of hope that he might return them to him, giving him something to defend himself from danger, other than this man, himself. If he played on his good side, it might be possible to leave this situation alive, or maybe even unharmed. Ryuhei raised a hand a little bit, towards the nunchaku that dangled just out of reach. “If yer say so. Yeah, yeah. I’ll be a good lil’ chickie, an’ not a bad lil kitty… An’ if we go t’ th’ castle, if I’m “yers,” then yer’d protect me from shit, right? Yer wouldn’ wanna ruin yer lil’ chickie, right?” If the other’s claims of wanting possession of him were true, je assumed that he might just care about his wellbeing, at least enough to make sure he was still in decent shape.

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"FEH!" Gunji scoffed. "Little picky chickie, huhh?" He teased, smiling. "Well, I could bring yer back to the castle for some real food, but I’d hafta smuggle ya in… It’d be fun!!" The executioner chimed with sudden enthusiasm.

His gaze wandered thoughtfully then as if glancing around for something. “Or we could pick up some Solid at a bar or somethin’. Kinda borin’ though. An’ Solid gets borin’.” The man’s long, pointed tongue seemed to uncoil from his mouth momentarily in a fleeting gesture of disgust. Gunji didn’t mind some flavors of Solid, but many of the good flavors went out of stock quickly. And real food at the castle was always more satisfying.

"Castle…?" The tattoo-clad man’s rambling flew right past the youth’s head. All he could take from the other’s speech, was that "solid"s weren’t very nice to eat. At this point, Ryuhei wasn’t sure whether he should even question anything this man said. He was already stuck being this man’s "chickie," or punishment as a "kitty," with no hope to escape, and the two had yet to introduce themselves. Either way, he figured that whichever option he decided to pick, he’d wind up in trouble with this man. "Pro’ly th’ castle, then. Yer said there’s good food, right? But why we gotta sneak in? Actually, why d’yer wanna eat with me?"

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The executioner quickly grinned. His smile even appeared to start to burst at the seams the more the other blond went on. “HehehehehEEHEE HAAA! You think I give a single stinkin’ shit what yer into, little chickie? The point is,” the sharp tips of Gunji’s claws hovered near the boy’s cheek again, emphasizing his choice of words, “I could change yer mind.”

He eyed the ring displayed, but the sight of it only made him cackle more. “Yer a little baby kitty, what the hell’re you doin’ with one o’ those, ahhh? It doesn’t make any difference to me though… Easy enough to chop that whole finger right off, HA HA!” The man made a brisk, sudden swipe of his claw across the air just in front of the stranger’s face, then lowering it back down harmlessly. Gunji leaned closer again, examining the boy’s face and savoring some more of the sweet smell of the boy’s hair as he was reassured his ‘little chickie’ wasn’t going to take off again. “Gooood,” he purred huskily, chuckling. “If you run off again, I’ll wanna catch you for good next time, ya know? Kekekeke.” The executioner lifted away finally, carefully scratching at his head with the back of his metal glove. His smile faded into a thoughtful look.

"Hmmm… Oii, you hungry or anythin’, little chickie?" 

Ryuhei’s face increasingly glowed a brighter red, as the older blond appeared to grow more and more excited over his personal affairs. A shiver rushed down the boy’s spine. There really was no chance that Ryuhei would willingly swing this man’s way. He was, however, taken aback by the other’s threat and slashing of the air in front of the youth’s face, wincing as the blades rushed past his face. “I already tol’ yer, I’m older than yer think! But whatev’s. Think what yer wanna, I don’ really care what yer think ‘bout me.”

As the older blond leaned closer, Ryuhei pulled further away and gave a brief nod of his head, to let him know that he understood his threat, all the while glaring daggers back up at him. “… If yer say so.”

The sudden question surprised Ryuhei. Did he really just ask him about food? “Ehh?” Bringing a finger to scratch his cheek, the blond slipped deep into thought. He didn’t trust the large man at all, much less wanted to eat with him, but it wasn’t as if he had a choice on the matter. “Uh… Kinda… ‘Pends on where th’ food’s from.”

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Though his target was pushed down, the other blond scurried to his feet before Gunji could pin him. The executioner advanced without regard for the boy’s frantic warning to wait - though he did pause as the boy lifted his shirt, and followed the stranger’s gaze to observe a navel piercing that seemed to be of momentary concern. Cute. Gunji resumed pacing closer then, smiling delightedly at how the other blond half-cowered with bare hands.

But Gunji continued to disregard the gesture and leaned closer, enough to get another whiff of the boy’s sweet-scented hair. “Ahhh..? You might change yer mind… I’m startin’ to think I could change yer mind, yeahh,” the man purred. He chuckled and grinned at the other blond’s pleading, but he did finally stand up straight, looking thoughtful, at the boy’s question. “Huhh… Well I’m a little chickie I guess,” the executioner mused softly. “I am to the old man, ‘nyway,” he added then. “Hmmm…” He appeared half-absorbed in thought, but followed the boy’s eyes to the aluminum weapon lost some distance away, at which his lips crept into another smile. “No use eyeballin’ yer little toy! Ha HAA!” He watched the boy take a few steps opposite the nunchaku, but the movement made Gunji’s muscles ooze with a ripple of tension, braced to break into another sprint should his new plaything make a run for it again.

The blond pulled away, the closer the large man pushed his face towards his own. The other’s statement sent an icy chill down Ryuhei’s spine. “Nuh-uh, yer won’… I ain’ int’ guys… Actually-” He proceeded to point to his left ring finger. “-I’m engaged. S’ yer can’ get me t’ do anythin’ with yer.”

The youth pulled in his arm as the other stood straighter, whilst keeping his palms facing the other. Listening to the older blond’s explanation, Ryuhei still didn’t understand what a “chickie” was, or who this man was talking about, but he decided that would still be better than being a “kitty.” “Aahhh… If yer a chickie, then I’m a chickie, I guess.” Subtly rolled his eyes towards the other’s comment on his fallen weapon.

Ryuhei noticed the tattoo-clad blond brace himself. He was unsure whether the other thought that he would take off again, or if the man braced for another attack. “Hey, hey, I wasn’ gon’ do ‘nythin’!”

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